Story Time With Katelind

Welcome, I am Katelind Elizabeth Higgins, the First! I don’t think it is possible to fully tell you who I am in this blog, because to truly know me you’re going to need to spend time with me! A blog does me no justice. However, I will still do my best. If you were to ask someone who knows me, knowing how ambitious I am they would probably expect me to go for gold and fully convey who I am on this blog. But let’s be honest here, that is a high expectation and I am not about to set that on myself and fail! Now, I believe that failure is the stepping stone to success, but I also believe that it can be avoided, like a heartbreak… Us sanguine temperaments don’t like that! Oh, wow! You already know so much about me.

Let’s get down to basics. Because this is a blog, we can’t have a normal conversation about who I am. The best way to get to know the basics of the “not-so-basic” me would be to hear some of my answers to common questions.

  • I am from Seattle, Washington.
  • No, the rain doesn’t bother me.
  • No, I am not suicidal!! How dare you.
  • Yes, I do like Starbucks!
  • Yes, again, I like the rain.
  • I do want to move back after I am done here at the University of Wyoming.
  • You’re right, I am tall. I am 6’1″.
  • Yes, I am single… Thanks for reminding me.
  • I also have an internship with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  •  What’s the point of me having a blog? To promote my media career. Who doesn’t have a blog?
  • In my spare time– wait, I don’t have spare time. Between working, school, and track I don’t have time for much else. Sometimes I pick up some books along the way.
  • I am majoring in Communication with emphasis in Public Relation. I want to do high profile PR, or PR for a sports franchise. But my ultimate dream job would be a stay at home mom.