My News Diet

My news diet consists of the Seattle Times, the Denver Post, and Buzzfeed. I like to read stories from the Seattle Times because that is where I am from and it is nice to see what is going on back home. The Denver post keeps me in touch with this region. They have great stories and a good spread of local and national stories. Buzzfeed is a poor choice for news, but it is a great choice for some comic relief. Also, it keeps me up to date on what is going on in Pop Culture, in a funny way that is easily communicated to me.

Most news is bias in a liberal way. It also depends on what lens you read it through. If you go to news strictly for facts, you will get the facts you’re looking for and be done. But if I read the Seattle Times knowing that it is from a liberal mindset, then I am going to notice that bias. We can’t say that news isn’t bias because humans write news and everyone sports some sort of bias.

Buzzfeed can be informative at times. I usually use it for entertainment to get a good laugh out of blog articles like “How Tapanga Lawrence’s Hair Changed Your Life”. It is very impressive to read an article that is mostly communicated through gifs. It can be informative in many ways. Some more simple than others. For example, I didn’t know that there were 100 reasons to love the music group, Hanson. On a more serious note, I have seen great photojournalism on the Middle East on Buzzfeed.

I don’t open up conversations with people about the news unless I know they will be responsive. I have been caught in a situation where I didn’t know about a current topic in the news and I felt like I couldn’t add to the conversation. It isn’t fun being stuck in a conversation that isn’t going anywhere.

Improvements that can be made to my news diet are variety and consistency. I am not very consistent with staying on top of the news. That is mainly caused by a timing conflict. I don’t always have the time to keep up. I want more awareness of the broad spectrum of news. There are so many ways to be informed and I want to be more involved in them.


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