Creative Devices

Finding Creative Devices

The creative device I have found are color, cropping, leading lines, rule of thirds, and creating depth. Here are the photos and their descriptions:



              Flowers in Prexies Pasture

In this photo, there are a lot of colors surrounding the subject, which makes the dominant creative device color. The white flower stands out with all of the color around it. The contrast and position of the white flower against the other flowers brings attention to it and makes it a strong subject.



             Orange Peel

The dominant creative device in this picture is cropping. The focus of this picture is on the orange peel and cropped around it. The viewer is drawn to the focus of the orange.

Leading Lines


  Desks in the RAC Study Hall

The desks in this photo lead the viewer’s eyes down the row. The dominant creative device in this photo is leading lines.

Rule of Thirds

photo 3 045

                       High Way Down to Denver

The group of cars are the subjects in this photo and they follow the rule of thirds because of their placement, making the creative device in this picture rule of thirds.

Creating Depth


                  Windy Road in the Snowy Mountains

The depth and direction of this picture creates depth. It causes the viewer’s eyes to keep looking around the corner.

Other Creative Devices

There is a good chance that more than one creative device can be found in a picture. In the first picture of flowers in Prexie’s Pasture, another creative device would be focus. The flowers are in focus while the background is out of focus.

On the picture of the road trip to Denver, viewers can also find the rule of thirds and balancing elements.

And finally, the picture of the orange peel also has the creative device of texture. Because the picture is zoomed in so much, viewers can really see the texture of the peel.

After doing this assignment, I was surprised at how easy it is to find creative devices in the things around me. I wish I could have gone more places and events to shoot my photos. It would have been nice to have a football game to shoot at. Also, I did all of this on my phone, and I think I would have been held back less with an actual camera. I am looking forward to doing other assignments with my camera.


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