photojournalism photo 1

University of Wyoming Athletes studying for upcoming midterms in the RAC on Monday, October 13th.

I found this featured event while I was studying in the RAC. This was a difficult shot to capture because I wanted to capture how exhausted and frustrated this athlete was while studying with his tutor. He kept moving and I took a few other shots of him where he didn’t look as exhausted. I took this one at the right timing to capture the frustration I was seeing in person.  There is also good expression captured in the girl who is tutoring him. She is entertained by his struggle with what they are studying.

Photojournalism photo 2

Anna Marie Reid, a native to Wyoming, buried her fourth member in her immediate family at the Torrington cemetery. She buried her oldest brother, Gayle Reid, next to her deceased mother and father. This burial took place on Saturday, October 11th.

I was laying flowers at a relatives grave in Torrington, and I saw that there were people gathered to bury someone. I opened up conversation with them and learned that Anna, the woman photographed, was burying her brother, Gayle who had passed away a week earlier. This is the fourth relative she has buried in her immediate family. There was a lot of emotion among the people there. I thought I would capture a lot of emotion with Anna, but she remained very stable. It was difficult for me to shoot. I asked for permission, and everyone was welcoming and allowed me to take pictures, but I still felt sorry with these people.

Photojournalism photo 3

Jolee Bragg was born on Wednesday October, 15th to Dr. John Bragg and Jessica Bragg at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie, Wyoming.

For my portrait, I wanted to capture someone’s first portrait. I asked Jessica Bragg if I could take a picture of her daughter after just hours of being born. She gave me a small window of a few seconds to capture the beauty of this new life. It was so fun shooting this. This was the first time I have been around someone so young. There wasn’t much emotion to be captured, but I see that the look on her face is so precious and really captures the innocence of a newborn baby.

Photojournalism photo 5

Clay Carlson, a freshman on the UW track team, warms up with hurdle drills for fall training in the RAC weight room.

I walked around the athletic facilities here on campus to capture some sports action photos. I ran into some difficulties capturing football players. I got yelled at for trying to capture some pictures of their practice. I went inside to the training facilities in the RAC and saw a lot of athletes training in the weight room and asked if I could take some pictures and got permission. The track team was warming up for their lifting with hurdle drills. It was hard to get this shot because there was a lot going on with all the people. I liked this photo because it shows the focus in such a simple movement.

photojournlism photo 4

Sidney Murrel, Maddi Seaman, and Hannah Carr take a moment before their fall training for the throwing events on the track team at the University of Wyoming.

Talking to these athletes here, I learned a lot about the time they take before practice to get ready. It was interesting to learn that they each have different routines, but they all love having small talk right before practice. This shot was difficult to take because I wanted to capture their conversation and the atmosphere but it was hard to convey in a picture.


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